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In August, 2015, we drove my daughter’s car to Anchorage, AK, by way of US 90, the Trans-Canada Highway and the Alcan Highway. It was a very cramped car and we couldn’t stop, but I recorded the basic colors and shapes in my watercolor notebook.

Near Currington, ND.

Many abandoned homesteads, often with modern farms built right on top of them.

Near Minot, ND.

Cumulus clouds forming over rolling small hills.

North of Saskatoon, on the Saskatchewan River.

Very rough road. There is a grain elevator at every tiny town.

Approaching Edmonton, Alberta.

Still prairie, interspersed with ponds and marshes.

Near Pink Mountain, BC.

Lodgepole pine forest with fireweed.

Approaching Ft. Nelson, BC.

The aspens are turning, and it's only mid-August.

North of Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory.

Autumn is running inexorably down the mountains.

Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory.

The peculiar turquoise color comes from glacial rock flour, just as at Lake Louise.

St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory.

Far enough north to see snow in August.

Nisling Range, Yukon Territory.

Full fall color even in the lower elevations.

Healy, AK.

Too buggy to paint.

Chugash State Park, AK.

Mudflats on Turnagain Arm.

Fish worker, Seward, AK.

Cutting up halibut with power tools.

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