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Shelli Ardizzone and Carol Douglas at RiverWinds Gallery until June 9

Carol L. DouglasMay 19, 20081 min read
From left: Virginia Donovan, Carol Douglas, Mary Ann Glass, Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone, and Linda Hubbard. (Photo by Jim Cypher, The Cypher Agency) Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Monday 12 – 6pm, Beacon Second Saturday 12 – 9pmRiverWinds is located on Main Street, in Beacon – number 172 – one and a half blocks east from Route 9D …

Lilac’s 75th Birthday

Carol L. DouglasMay 19, 2008
When in New York recently, I joined a friend painting on Pier 40 (at the foot of Houston Street). I painted a small oil sketch of two of the tugboat Lilac’s stacks, which reminded me, for some reason, of my twin daughters. The oil sketch will be available—among many other works—at the celebration of the …

The Creative Process–the Story of Me

Carol L. DouglasApr 23, 2008
Carol L. Douglas, The Joker, figure, oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″ RenĂ©e Phillips at Manhattan Arts International just published an essay by me on The Creative Process. It is an artist statement I wrote for an upcoming show, which she liked enough to use. Thanks, RenĂ©e!

Enough about those kids!

Carol L. DouglasApr 5, 2008
One of my adult students, Anne Christner, with her pastel portrait of her daughter Sarah. It’s an excellent likeness, and a real step forward. Brava, Anne!

The Kung Fu Fighters are both accepted at Pratt

Carol L. DouglasApr 4, 2008
Not only were they both accepted, but both were awarded Presidential Merit Scholarships. Good going, girls!