Zoom class: The Color of Light (intermediate to advanced)



Massif in Sedona, AZ in morning light.

Tuesdays, June 11th, 18th, 25th, July 2nd, 16th, 23rd. 6-9pm ET.
*Note we will skip July 9th while I teach my Painting in Paradise workshop.

This class will deal with all aspects of light as it relates to painting. What does your painting say about different lighting conditions? Why is lighting important? How do different lighting schemes change the mood of a painting? We’ll discuss:

  • Global color and complements
  • The optics of light (and why a lightbox is a terrible idea)
  • Deep shade
  • Fragmented light: the lessons of Impressionism
  • Reflection
  • Indoor lighting schemes

    Same massif in evening light.

Technical skill in your chosen media is assumed; this is not a “how to paint” class, but a “how to apply what you see” class.