In Control (Grace and her unicorn)

Grace was five years old and liked pink, purple, party dresses and unicorns. She’s a real girl, one who has always been decisive, and she works hard for what she wants. I was once a little girl like her, before reality beat me up and before my back started hurting too much to ride unicorns.

I intended to paint a portrait of girlish authority before it concedes. I also consider this a self-portrait and a manifesto.

In control

Every day, in every way, things are not necessarily getting better. In Control (Grace and her unicorn), 24X36, is one of the paintings that’s going to Rye Arts Center’s Censored and Poetic: the works of Carol Douglas and Anne de Villemejane, March 2022. A visitor to my studio recently asked me about the gender disparity in painting. …