Step 2: The Value Drawing

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Better paintings every time

The value sketch is the oil painter’s secret weapon. It’s an opportunity to plan your painting in advance, before you ever pick up a brush. And it’s critical; if the value structure is compelling, your painting will be compelling. If not, your painting is doomed from the start. Nothing in painting is more important than value.

Set yourself up for success

Do you start strong but lose paintings halfway through? Do you find yourself ‘flailing around’? Do your paintings lack sparkle? This class will help you avoid these common problems.

In this class, you’ll learn how to move from observational drawing to value drawing. You’ll understand the difference between notan and value sketching, and the strengths of both.

Save time

Value sketching starts with just a few simple tools, and it’s a lot faster and easier than working out questions of light and dark in paint. That gives you more time and energy to focus on the aspects of painting that you love!

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