Beautiful Dream (Rockport)


Everyone has a favorite daydream. Mine is a wooden sloop on the Maine coast—just me, the breeze and a sketchbook. (Note that this daydream does not include squelching around in the mud caulking and painting for a few weeks every spring.) As long as I’m working, the closest I can get is to amble over to Rockport Marine and paint whatever beauties are there for restoration. That’s hardly a privation, because they’re always gorgeous boats.

This is a high-chroma rendering of some of my favorites, favoring the blue-violet spectrum. It’s in an updated version of the classic gilded plein air frame, with a natural linen fillet. It would suit both a classic or a contemporary interior.


12X16, oil on archival canvasboard, framed in a traditional gilded plein air frame with natural linen fillet.

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