Zoom Class: Fundamentals of Drawing



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Mondays, 1 PM – 4 PM EST

Everyone can and should learn to draw. Some artists believe they can skip this step, but drawing is the basis of all painting. Others are afraid of drawing, but broken down into discrete tasks, drawing is so straightforward that anyone can do it.

After teaching painting for several decades, I’ve realized there’s a crying need for drawing instruction, which is why I’m willing to work another day a week to teach it.

This class will cover drawing fundamentals that will serve you at every point in your art adventure. It’s geared toward all experience levels:

We’ll start with basic techniques for measuring and drawing shapes. For advanced students, this might be review, but you’d be surprised at how often even excellent artists trip up on measurement. From there, we’ll move on to measuring angles, using negative space to check your work, and then to the far more demanding business of using a pencil to shade and express volume.  Along the way, we’ll talk about the figure and architecture.

The class will run for 6 weeks on Mondays, 1-4PM EST. Participants will be sent a zoom link. All you need to participate is a sketchbook, pencil, and zoom-enabled device.


Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19, Feb 26; March 4, March 11