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Painting on top of a ridge

Carol L. DouglasJul 14, 20071 min read
This study is about half finished. It was done on a ridge above Naples, NY (in the Finger Lakes region). Since I don’t want to work from photos, I will go back next week. The thermometer read 99º F; later we found out that was as high as it would go. The photo was taken …

One more time with feeling–Tilt-a-Whirl

Carol L. DouglasJul 14, 2007
My last attempt at blogging was so difficult it scared me away. But here I am, back for more. This was done last Saturday at Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester. It was painted from about 30 feet away. The figures are imaginary because the cars were whirling too fast to see people. I loved the …

Painting a small study using an indirect method

Carol L. DouglasApr 27, 2007
Note: I first posted this in April but managed to lose all the illustrations. Embarrassing for someone who prides herself on her computer literacy. I recently realized I was overworking the thing, and ought to just follow the software instead of trying to bend it to my will. During Wednesday’s class I demonstrated a method …