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Why do mermaids wear shell bras?

Carol L. DouglasJun 6, 20131 min read
I can do anything when I have bungee cords, including painting on all sides of a buoy. (Yesterday’s objections retracted.) It was 54°, rumbling, and pouring rain here this morning. Nobody wanted to be outside; my suggestions to walk were summarily rejected by my son, my husband, and my personal coach, in that order.  So …

What did the sea say to the mermaid?

Carol L. DouglasJun 5, 20132 min read
It’s a Merdonna and Child. Or something. When this buoy arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, certain members of my family were flummoxed. “Who sent us an oversized dreidel?” Since I was expecting it, I recognized it for what it was, but then wondered whether it was supposed to go dreidel-side up or …

Hey, Carol, what am I supposed to buy for this workshop?

Carol L. DouglasJun 4, 20133 min read
Years ago, I took a figure workshop from a well-known American figure painter. On receiving his supply list, I noted several pigments that are not normally on my palette. Two were transparent earth colors; one was Naples yellow; one was cadmium green. I duly bought them, took the workshop, and came home having never touched …

In search of the perfect easel

Carol L. DouglasJun 3, 20133 min read
I can handle the Sun-Eden storage because it’s plastic and light. I hate carrying around wooden storage space just because someone else thinks it’s necessary. Of course, there IS no perfect easel, but I do have a perfect palette, and I want an easel deserving of it My current easel took its last gasp at …

Views and Duets

Carol L. DouglasJun 2, 20134 min read
My painting for ABVI’s “Play It Forward.” I know how to defeat this painting for next time I’m asked, BTW. When last I posted, I had just painted with my fellow NYPAP artists* at Olana, the home of Frederic Edwin Church. This event, spearheaded by Marilyn Fairman, is in honor of NYPAP’s founder, Ted Beardsley, …