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Rip-rap on the Lake Ontario Shore

Carol L. DouglasJul 16, 20071 min read
I learned two important things today. When electronics (like your work camera) go missing, it’s wisest to start by looking in your teen’s bedroom; It costs $.25 per picture to upload photos from your cell phone. This is my way of apologizing for not having “in progress” shots of this little sketch of rip-rap on …

One more painting I want you to look at

Carol L. DouglasJul 15, 20071 min read
Here is another picture that has been on my mind recently. It’s Sir Stanley Spencer’s The Resurrection, Cookham (1924-27, Tate Britain). Sir Stanley Spencer is really three painters wrapped into one—a religious with a gentle, sweet view of “the resurrection and the life,” a superlative landscape painter, and a sexually tortured, brutally honest figure …

Talking about paintings in class

Carol L. DouglasJul 15, 20072 min read
We are currently analyzing paintings in class. This week, Gwendolyn brought Franz Marc’s “The Yellow Cow,” 1911, Guggenheim—NYC. Franz Marc, Yellow Cow (Gelbe Kuh), 1911. Oil on canvas, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY, NY.( Franz Marc is hard for me to peg. On the one hand his painting clearly evokes the anxiety of Europe at …

From 99 º F to 65 º in two days

Carol L. DouglasJul 14, 20073 min read
At Rochester, the shore of Lake Ontario is flat and covered with fine cobblestones. The shoreline is very even. It is hard to break up the strong horizontal and diagonal lines, except by putting in the dark overhanging trees. What the lake lacks in architecture it makes up for with incredible light and color. On …

Painting on top of a ridge

Carol L. DouglasJul 14, 20071 min read
This study is about half finished. It was done on a ridge above Naples, NY (in the Finger Lakes region). Since I don’t want to work from photos, I will go back next week. The thermometer read 99º F; later we found out that was as high as it would go. The photo was taken …