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On Art and Culture

Carol L. DouglasJan 14, 20136 min read
Marc Quinn’s sculpture Alison Lapper Pregnant was the first commission for the Fourth Plinth Project in Trafalgar Square (2005-2007). It combines the best of audacity and craftsmanship. This weekend I had the good fortune to see the great Irish-American band Solas on the second stop of their “Shamrock City” tour. Solas quarries material earlier explored …

A paean to painting with a 2” sash brush

Carol L. DouglasJan 6, 20133 min read
As in all painting, the quality of the brush matters. And, no,this isn’t a 2″ sash brush. Our Christmastide project was to rebuild and refinish our kitchen cabinets and rehang the doors, a task that has stubbornly remained undone for nine years. As with all such tasks, it’s taken longer than I budgeted, the unconscious …

Mind control; thought control

Carol L. DouglasDec 30, 20123 min read
A very typical boy illustration of a “smoking gun,” albeit better executed than most. From the sketchbook of one of my former students. I’m particularly fond of teenagers and especially that creature-in-crisis, the teenage boy. I’m currently the proud owner of a 16-year-old model, and I’ve taught others in my studio. And of course you …

A brief foray into indirect painting

Carol L. DouglasDec 23, 20122 min read
“Adirondack autumn grove,” 12X16, oil on canvasboard, 2012(please excuse the reflections; my camera isn’t back yet) I had a few minutes in my studio the other day and was contemplating some “fails” from the field—plein air paintings that didn’t really work. Now, I have stacks of these, and they don’t bother me in the least… …

Of sidekicks and teenagers who sleep in class

Carol L. DouglasDec 19, 20122 min read
He’s fifteen… I asked him. I had the good fortune to have lunch yesterday with two of my former sidekicks, Marilyn Feinberg and Matthew Menzies. A good sidekick is a beautiful thing, and these two are among the best. In some ways, they’re polar opposites: she is a middle-aged intellectual; he is a rather rowdy teenage …