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The Adoration of the Magi in the Snow

Carol L. DouglasDec 11, 20077 min read
The Adoration of the Magi in the Snow (1567) Pieter Bruegel the ElderOil on wood panel, dimensions not availableOskar Reinhart Collection, Switzerland This Nativity by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is the second picture I am considering with my pastor friend John Nicholson at The Shepherd’s Staff. John’s from Alabama, where today they expect a high …

Plein Air Taos 2008

Carol L. DouglasNov 26, 20071 min read
Taos, by Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone , 2007 I will teach plein air in Taos next June with Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone of New York. Here is some information about her previous trip to Taos. We will be sending materials out at the first of the year, but of course, if this trip is what you want for Christmas, …

Joan of Arc from a theological standpoint

Carol L. DouglasNov 21, 20071 min read
My friend John has finished his essay about Joan of Arc on his blog, The Shepherd’s Staff. (see the prior post for details). Please visit his blog and see what he has to say…

Joan of Arc

Carol L. DouglasNov 5, 20077 min read
My friend John Nicholson and I have decided to try a new project. I will choose a painting based on a Biblical theme and write about it from an artist’s viewpoint; John will write about it from a pastor’s perspective on his blog, The Shepherd’s Staff. John is a Baptist pastor from Alabama; I am …

The Opium Eater, Addendum

Carol L. DouglasOct 10, 20071 min read
A reader sent me two more images of languid women for consideration. Repose (Nonchaloire), John Singer Sargent, 1911, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Again, look at the hands which bring tension into the pose. The Artist’s Wife and His Setter Dog, Thomas Eakins ca. 1884–89, Metropolitan Museum of Art To me this is …