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Voila! The new studio.

Carol L. DouglasSep 3, 20071 min read
New studio space—spacious, with focus spots, color-corrected ambient lighting, and plenty of north daylight (when the sun is shining).The project which consumed my August is finished. Here is my new teaching space, a lovely, calm, graceful room with great light. And here are my fall classes, for those readers in the Rochester area: Studio in …

Five questions from Paul Abspoel

Carol L. DouglasSep 3, 20076 min read
My friend Paul Abspoel (here) asked me five questions to be answered on this blog. I apologize for the time it’s taken, but here are the questions and the answers: Please comment: ‘God is an Artist, but his art is not very accessible’ “Accessible” art has a message we easily grasp. Our response to Creation …

A bit of a plug

Carol L. DouglasAug 26, 20071 min read
I am featured in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle’s “Artist Spotlight” today, which you can read here. Thank you, D&C.

More about Sir Stanley Spencer

Carol L. DouglasAug 11, 20071 min read
An excellent story about this great English visionary painter in today’s Guardian, here.

Short break to move studio

Carol L. DouglasAug 5, 20071 min read
I am painting this week with a much larger brush, relocating my studio to accommodate more students. I love to paint, no matter if it’s on a wall or a canvas. Back soon with another “how to paint” adventure!