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Delaware Water Gap

Carol L. DouglasJul 25, 20073 min read
A water gap is a place where a river cuts a notch sideways through a mountain range. Geologists tell us this indicates a river which is older than the mountains it flows through. Pennsylvania is rich in these water gaps, and one of the most well-known is the Delaware Water Gap on the Delaware River …

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York

Carol L. DouglasJul 25, 20072 min read
Since Monday was a day of heavy rain, painting outdoors without shelter was out of the question (eventually the paint starts sliding off the canvas). The Cathedral kindly gave me permission to paint inside. I know the Cathedral fairly well, and have always been enthralled by Dutch church interiors (for example, see here, here, and …

Gwendolyn enters the room

Carol L. DouglasJul 20, 20071 min read
Gwendolyn is a beginning watercolorist who is reengineering the world of plein air for her classmates (and for me). She has made her French easel more functional than I ever imagined possible. Look here to read her first entry, which explains her innovations to date. I plan to make one of her noodle brush holders …

How did I end up with more than fifty tubes of paint in my studio?

Carol L. DouglasJul 20, 20073 min read
OK, it’s not that I’m a packrat exactly, but how long do you suppose this tube of paint has been kicking around? (For the record, there are also 58 tubes of watercolors…) I have the terrible habit of buying paints without checking my inventory first. There are paints from my teen years, squatters left by …

Rip-rap on the Lake Ontario Shore

Carol L. DouglasJul 16, 20071 min read
I learned two important things today. When electronics (like your work camera) go missing, it’s wisest to start by looking in your teen’s bedroom; It costs $.25 per picture to upload photos from your cell phone. This is my way of apologizing for not having “in progress” shots of this little sketch of rip-rap on …