Voila! The new studio.

New studio space—spacious, with focus spots, color-corrected ambient lighting, and plenty of north daylight (when the sun is shining).

The project which consumed my August is finished. Here is my new teaching space, a lovely, calm, graceful room with great light. And here are my fall classes, for those readers in the Rochester area:

Studio in Art

Saturday, 10-1
Wednesday, 10-1

(Oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor)

This class focuses on still life as a fundamental tool for developing drawing and painting technique. It is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students. Instruction emphasizes direct painting, where paint is applied solidly rather than through glazing. For watercolor and acrylic, the emphasis is on alla prima techniques.



Saturday, 2-5
Wednesday, 2-5

(Oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, drawing media)

This class focuses on the figure’s relationship with the built environment. In addition to working with live models, we will study human anatomy, drapery and clothing. The class is suitable for both beginning and advanced students. Students without a background in figure drawing are encouraged to begin in charcoal.