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There’s a bathroom on the right…

Carol L. DouglasMay 23, 20135 min read
“Joep Nicolas worked on these windows during the last twelve years of his life. Although he was a mature painter and a master glazier, it was evident his work evolved during the tenure of the project. This window is the greatest, in my opinion. It is a presentation of what was transpiring in the heavenlies …

The perils of open source publishing

Carol L. DouglasMay 22, 20135 min read
I think this is the best photo I took in the entire photo essay, but you be the judge. See the whole photo-essay HERE. A few months ago, Carolyn Mrazek asked me what my obsession was with East Avenue Wegmans’ construction project. “It’s a work of art,” I replied, “as important as anything I’ve painted. …

Finding what you’re not looking for

Carol L. DouglasMay 21, 20132 min read
An old bridge abutment at Bushnell’s Basin… where “moth and rust” have already destroyed man’s handiwork. Today was my second day walking along the Erie Canal in search of painting sites. It wasn’t as pleasant as yesterday; it was hotter and muggier. Other than the bridge abutment at Bushnell’s Basin (which I’ve painted before), the …

If every plant has a toxic relative, why wouldn’t that be true for people as well?

Carol L. DouglasMay 20, 20133 min read
I’ve painted the Erie Canal all over the place (this one time in Gasport, NY). How much more can it teach me, right? The plein airinstructor has a lot more to do than simply show up and coax brilliance out of her students. She must first reconnoiter: is there a way to get equipment from …

The old folks flit, the young fly home

Carol L. DouglasMay 19, 20132 min read
Drawing by Kamillah Ramos, an architecture student at SUNY Buffalo I’m always a bit shocked when my former students return from college, for every year they come home with more mature features and more adult demeanor. May is the month when seasoned students flit and youngsters fly home, at least for a little while. The …