Painting as a spectator sport

A squall rolled through Camden last night and people put their sails up to dry. I begged the owner of this gaff-rigged boat to not go out until I was done painting. He was a kind man; he acquiesced… and then bought the painting.
Painting as a spectator sport—who knew such a thing was even possible? It’s 9 PM and I’m just getting in for the evening, so instead of words, I’m giving you a photo essay.
Would you find this crowd disconcerting? Nah, not me either. But the harbormaster doing a countdown to the first brush stroke over the loudspeaker… that was a mite disconcerting. If he’d fired a starter gun, I’d have fallen in the harbor.
Howard Gallagher from Camden Falls Gallery auctioning off the quick-draw paintings. I can’t say enough good things about the gallery’s professional-yet-relaxed management of this event.
Because I’d used up my 8X10 frame in the morning, I had to paint 6X8 for the quick-draw. That’s really small for me, and I was a little concerned it was going nowhere. But the Bowsprit of the Nathaniel Bowditch turned out just fine for such a wee painting, and the buyer seemed thrilled.
There’s a Build-a-Boat competition going on during the festival. If I weren’t painting, I’d be very tempted to compete.
(This was Day Six of Camden Plein Air, Camden Falls Gallery’s annual paint-out and wet paint auction. From Monday, August 26 through Monday, September 2 participating artists from around New England and the mid-Atlantic region are painting picturesque Camden Harbor and the surrounding area. New work produced during this event will be displayed in the Camden Falls Gallery throughout the week, and a Wet Paint Auction will be held on Saturday, September 7 to benefit four local non-profit organizations.)
By evening it was misty and cool. The rain held out exactly long enough to finish the live auction.
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