Stretching our limits

Although the weather forecast was for rain, we were able to paint until 2 PM, at which time we quit and went to the Farnsworth Art Museum to see “Every Picture Tells a Story: N.C. Wyeth Illustrations from the Brandywine River Museum.” It started to rain just when we entered the museum.

I believe in a God who loves me and wants me to be happy. I do appreciate how obliging He has been with His weather.

My class has done such good work this week. Today, I gave each person an assignment designed to stretch their own particular skill set, and each one rose to the challenge.

A student practiced measurement and angles, using the rock formations and trees as his subject matter. A tough place to have to sit and draw, wasn’t it? (Tomorrow, I promise you, will be just as spectacular.)
Another student did a value sketch using monochrome pastel. She then followed this up with a color temperature study.
After giving a little drawing lesson, I set my sketchbook on a fence while doing my rounds. Came back to find it covered in sawdust. Apparently, some carpenter aunts were busy deconstructing the fence. 
This student did a greyscale marker value study before starting a painting of the birches. It helped her composition tremendously.

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